Helping Hands
Davos Spectre Ltd

Established in 2017, by James Duffy, Davos Spectre Ltd was initially set up to meet the demand in specialist training for railway electrification safety projects. This is a niche market that requires many facets and sections of expertise. The main body of work that we were involved in was the Great Western Electrification Scheme. Our main function was to support our main client LEEPS Consulting Ltd, one of our strategic partners in reducing electrification incidents and accidents and for customers to realise the benefits of a newly electrified railway system. This was achieved by consulting on the design, implementation and delivery of training of newly established standards regarding the isolation of the OLE contact system and the associated Auto Transformer Feeder wire.

Fast forward to 2021, we are now involved in a similar function, this time within the development, training and trialling of the new Network Rail OLE standard NR/L3/ELP/25000  Single Approach to Isolations (AC). The emphasis being on assiting in the design and delivery as well as bedding in the new process through floorwalking during the trail of the standard within the LNW Route. In addition we also run the "Train The Trainer" sessions for the Network Rail OLE Training Teams.  

At Davos Spectre we are committed to encouraging and enabling both Management and Workforce to continuously Train, Grow and be Empowered. Our training courses reflect this commitment, as well as the diverse platform for a wide range of skill levels, workplaces and business sectors.  Our teams can provide exciting and interactive mass "Town Hall Briefings" and Lessons learnt sessions for any business or organisation. This includes Employee Engagement Programmes if requested, these can offer a fantastic window into how your orgnisation is performing and the level of moral of staff.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We have a team of fully accredited Mental Health First Aid training instructors that can deliver Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Supervising Mental Health In The Workplace). We deliver authentic, cost efficient training and facilitating for those that require it. The approach we take is not by way of ticking boxes and satisfying statistics. Instead we offer a bespoke culture change programme that incorporates Mental Health First Aid and Behavioural Change to cover a wider perspective across your organisation. This is a great way of reaching everyone in the organisation, not just "The Nominated People".