The persistently high rates of fatal incidents and work-related ill health in the industry are of real concern to HSE, the representative industry bodies and many farmers. HSE is continually working to use new technologies and innovative methods of communication to improve, target and deliver key health and safety messages and guidance to those working in the industry. Injuries and illness can ruin lives and businesses.

Davos Spectre Ltd offer an easy learning process to all that work in the fantastic world of Farming. There are a multitude of interesting subjects that we have used to fill our training content. This has been done using exepriences and information gathered from actual farmers working in the UK and international farming and game industries.

This course provides guidance that is relevant to everyone working on farms: employers, employees and the self-employed. It will help you achieve good standards of health and safety, and reduce injuries and ill health by identifying causes, eliminating hazards and controlling risks. It covers the management of health and safety – principally for those responsible for running the farming or horticultural business – as well as outlining the specific risks of working in your industry and giving you easy-to-follow, practical advice to keep you safe and healthy at work. 

The duration of this course is 1 full day (however, this can be broken down into 2 half day or evening sessions to allow flexibilty if local)

Cost inc materials and certification administration £90 (inc. VAT) per person per session (Gun Safety can be added at extra cost)