With the advent of the Covid - 19 Global Pandemic and growing concerns of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace and at home, the Davos Spectre Team work with leading expertise within the Health & Wellbeing Sectors across many diffrent fields. We are able to provide a holistic apporach to finding the best possible solution that is tailored for your business.

We design packages that include:


  •  Nutritional Advice: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Programme

  • Bespoke Fitness Programmes: No need to climb Everest Programme

  • Mental Health Awareness and First Aider Training: All Fronts Wellbeing Group Programme

  • Ongoing Support and Coaching: Leading on building a support community and coaching to tap un-realised potential!

Our services are very efficient and cost effective with proven results. We give a broader range of solutions that ensure your business can address the wellbeing needs of all employees and provides them the tools to be self sufficient in supporting each other with our team's ongoing support when required.