• Davos Spectre Ltd offer a fantastic Sub Station Safety Awareness Passport that will instill confidence, ensure compliance and more importantly support the welfare of all operatives that are tasked to work within Sub Station environments.

  • The Sub Station Safety Passport enables confidence in the workforce through knowledge.

  • Modules can be tailored to cater for multiple disciplines

   • The training is designed in modular format to deliver targeted training.


Who is this training aimed at?

These modules are relevant to many disciplines within the railway electrification industry, however, the main focus is based around enhancing the knowledge of all non E&P certified/trained (mostly Civil Construction and Groundworking) personnel that are tasked to work within Sub Station Compounds, Buildings and in the vacinity of Live and operational electrification distribution equipment (e.g. 33KV HV Feeder Cables, return conductors, Auto Transformers, ATFs).

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